Raised in Los Angeles, Steve Boyum, a former world-class surfer, skier and motocross racer, began his career in film and television as a stuntman on the television movie “The Other Side of the Mountain” in 1973.  His tenure in stunts and acting spanned 25 years on such films as “Rollerball”,  “Apocalypse Now”, “The Blues Brothers”, “Bound For Glory”, “1941”, “Big Wednesday”,  “True Romance”, “Falling Down”, “Days of Thunder”, ”Predator”, and many television series including  “The A-Team” and “The Dukes of Hazard”.

director. producer

Mr. Boyum later moved into cinematography and directing second unit, participating on numerous films, before transitioning to directing and producing.  Most recently, he produced or directed CBS’s “Hawaii Five-0”, CW’s “Supernatural”, NBC’s “Revolution” and is currently the director/co-executive producer of the new Starz period drama “Black Sails”.      

Racing Motocross 1974

"King Solomon's Mines" 2004

"Human Target" 2010